A Smart Source of FUel

About Anthracite

Anthracite burns HOTTER than other fossil fuels. All sources that are burning fuels are rated by the British Thermal Unit measurement referred to as BTUs. They are all composed to each other by the amount of heat they will generate to accomplish 1,000,000 units of heat. Since anthracite coal is the hottest burning fuel, other fuels are compared against it. For example, it takes one ton of Anthracite Coal to produce 25,000,000 BTUs of heat. Anthracite Coal / One long ton (2,200 lbs) = 25,000,000 BTUs of heat. Natural Gas produces 1,021,000 / Per 1000 cu. ft. Petroleum Fuel oil produces 5,871,390 BTUs per barrel / 42 gallons.
Environmentally cleaner than other fossil fuels. Due to its low sulfur content, Anthracite coal produces virtually no smoke or particulate emissions. This is a major problem with cord wood and pellet burning stoves. Anthracite coal stoves can be used in areas of the country where wood stoves are restricted due to air pollution and forest fire risk from flaming embers from chimneys.

New Technologies and Engineering designs has made it easier to use. The days of inefficient burning stoves and shoveling coal are part of the past. Thew newly engineered changes in furnace design from automatic temperature control and feed systems to ash removal have eliminated the constant overview of your coal heating system. An average stove that has been filled with 35 – 50 pounds of Anthracite coal will heat evenly without tending for over 36 hours. Technology has even improved simple things, heating our homes.

It’s “SAFER” than traditional wood and pellet burning stoves, including oil and gas. Wood and pellet stoves have to be mentioned each year or sooner if you are burning more than supplemental heating. The danger of creosote fires only gets worse the longer you do not do maintenance. Pilot & gas leaks are common. Oil leakage is a hazard to your home and environment. Now, compare it to the other form of supplemental heating: Anthracite Coal, which is virtually risk free. It is more cost efficient than cord wood, pellets, gas, kerosene, propane, and oil as an alternative fuel source.

It’s more economical than other alternative fuel sources. Whether you’re heating your home, business, hospital, fire station or a green house, you will save thousands of dollars per year by choosing Anthracite coal for your next heating investment. It’s also less expensive to install and service compared to other forms of heating. Contact us today to learn more about using anthracite coal in Western NJ and Eastern PA.